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My name is Thomas,
I’m a Car Photographer.

I love cars and especially their design. They are pieces of art.
Subtle lines, smooth curves, angular shapes, beautiful details and materials defining a car and brand.

The FDL Technique (focused diffused lighting) gives me artistic freedom to create truly unique images and shoot ‘Art on Wheels’.

Car Fine Art | FDL Technique


FDL Technique

Reveals the true beauty and design of a car without nasty reflections. Unique!

Light Painting

Art on wheels with this creative lighting technique!


Complete post processing. From simple edit to complex composite.


We get the most out of every shot and blow your mind!


Car fine art

Exclusive and unique car fine art.
See cars through the designers eyes.

light painting

Light is my brush.
Dramatic car photography.

Rolling Shots

Cars are meant to be driven.
Experience speed in a photo.

event photography

We capture the ambiance
and shoot the action.

corporate photography

Commercial photography to boost your business and show your passion.

FDL technique Workshop

Learn to use the FDL Technique and bring it to practice. On location or Online.

FDL Workshop

You will learn the basics of the FDL Technique and how to use it.
Bring it to practice with me on location or online and create your own beautiful Car Fine Art photography.

Learn about:

  • gear
  • settings
  • post production

It is important to have some basic knowledge on how to use Photoshop.

Live workshop
On location with real cars or Online. We'll bring the technique directly into practice.
Post Production
You will learn Post Production basics to edit your photos in Photoshop.
On Location
Starting at €250
Starting at €125

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Thomas Boudewijn

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